What should I do with my Enigma token now?

Hello I have Enigma token but I don’t know what to do with them since there is Secret Network. What should I do?

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Thanks @moonstash. I still have an error when I put my COSMOS address in https://secretswap.io/ : “Invalid prefix, expected secret” Do you know why?

It’s a good thing it has an error because you need to put in a secret address which starts with secret not cosmos. The site does link to how to generate one with a ledger. We are working more support such as mathwallet support for the swap itself, but as of now people need a ledger or to use the light wallet.

I received that : " You’re not connected to Metamask!"

Thanks @moonstash. Not sure to understand. You mean that once I have [Install Cosmos Ledger App] I have to generate a SCRT address following this step: Install the secretcli Secret Network light client?

The problem: I am not a dev at all. Is there a simple way to generate a SCRT address from my ledger through Ledger live?

Hi @LaurentR,

Once you install the Cosmos Ledger App, and also the secretcli light client, you’ll use this command to create your secret1... address:

secretcli keys add <account name> --ledger --account <account number on your Ledger> 

The output will look like this:

  "name": "secrettest",
  "type": "local",
  "address": "secret1qakk63eqmhcewe23sypajtef3jfjcf65z882am",
  "pubkey": "secretpub1addwnpepqwet34xeprn9lc9ddv2vu604nsq0ux638vsxpr35jrfjkhlmkj77g6rwxat",

The swap address you’ll use in the swap form at https://secretswap.io will be the one labeled “address” above.

You can see your address using the light client by doing (substituting <account name> with a key name you’d like:

secretcli keys show -a <account name>

In my example above, I would do this:

secretcli keys show -a secrettest

After you do the swap use this command to see your SCRT tokens, substituting <account name> with the key name you used above:

secretcli query account $(secretcli keys show -a <account name>)

NOTE: until the address has some SCRT it will say that the address doesn’t exist.

The output of the query on your account will look similar to this:

  "type": "cosmos-sdk/Account",
  "value": {
    "address": "secret1qakk63eqmhcewe23sypajtef3jfjcf65z882am",
    "coins": [
        "denom": "uscrt",
        "amount": "5000000"
    "public_key": "",
    "account_number": 228,
    "sequence": 0

I hope that helps!

@ahmadrezadoosti, have you installed the MetaMask browser plugin?

When you first visit the swap page, the app requests to connect to your ETH account (the one you have your ENG tokens in).

If you don’t see the MetaMask wallet open in the browser, check for a notification on the fox icon. It should have a “1” indicating you need to do something. Click on the fox and you should see a window similar to this:

Then you’ll click CONNECT. That should fix your “You’re not connected to MetaMask!” issue.

I’m not sure what step you were on when you got that error though so it could be that you need to reload the page to get the connection process started again.

Thank you Laura,
I keep my ENG on MEWconnect, I’m confused that what should I do to burn Enigma?

I see. You’ll need to connect your MEW wallet to MetaMask as in this article: https://kb.myetherwallet.com/en/migration/using-metamask-with-mew/

Good luck!

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Thanks @laura but when I try to install secretcli ligh client on my Mac I have that written: “zsh: permission denied: ./secretcli”. Is there someone from SCRT that can do it by remote with me? Thanks


Thanks for that info! There seems to be a missing instruction.

Can you run this command on the release file?

chmod +x secretcli

That will make it executable and you’ll be able to move past that zsh error :smiley: .

It’s possible someone might be able to do a remote session with you if you still need help, but there isn’t really a “SCRT team” so to speak. I might be able to later in the week if you want to DM me.

Many thanks Laura, I connect my MEW to MetaMask, send all my ENG to MetaMask and I see my ENG on secretswap. io page (ENG amount *), but I don’t have ledger, so do I have to wait until Mathwallet support SCRT and generate address?

Awesome! Yes, I think it’s best to wait for MathWallet support to create your secret address.

The other option is to use the light client and command-line: https://secretnodes.org/#/tutorials/ledger-nano-s?id=install-the-secretcli-secret-network-light-client

Thanks @laura. Yes I guess doing it later this week would be better. Could you please DM me as I can’t DM someone.

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yes!! I create address with light client in my mac! than you! but I prefer wait for MathWallet!
(I too hope to hear very good news from SCRT!:pizza:)

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Hi @laura,

I’ve created the address, however, the output from the create address command did not yield a “mnemonic”. the output is in the following form:


Did I do something wrong?

If you are using the ledger then it wont give you the seed phrase. Your ledger is what has the seed in that case.


Sorry about that! I was thinking non-ledger :crazy_face: . Will update my response above.

Thanks for correcting that, @moonstash

Yes, I’ll DM you :smiley: