Secret.js MetaMask integration is in public beta!

Available in secretjs@beta. :dizzy:

Docs: GitHub - scrtlabs/secret.js: The JavaScript SDK for Secret Network

Code example: secret-metamask-demo/MetamaskStuff.tsx at 35577091d0ade303ae93f13e6c813730e7f33650 路 scrtlabs/secret-metamask-demo 路 GitHub

Demo UI (works in mobile too!):

Demo video:


So this assumes I already have some scrt in metamask wallet?

The above integration is only for the signing of transactions and not really the holding of SCRT tokens, for that we would still need to be integrated by metamask itself. I know that is confusing but yeah鈥 thats it haha

You can have an account on MetaMask, just not see the balance inside the MetaMask extension yet

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Also there are no apps yet the use MetaMask on Secret, but they鈥檙e coming鈥