All SCRT lost during ENG swap to SCRT

Now I see I am not the only person this has happened too. he’s closed out and I can’t contact him Wilf??? how many people lost???

MATH wallet is the worst! no support = no nothing

Here’s my coins lost in no mans land: still holding the fort down for SCRT after they kept everything???

Either Math wallett hijacked or some kind of glitch in the system…
Why is Math wallet not working with SCRT after they took all ENG

This seems like it was done by design???

457 days 14 hrs ago (Sep-27-2020 02:24:41 AM +UTC)

ENIGMA contract address: 0xf0ee6b27b759c9893ce4f094b49ad28fd15a23e4 Contract 0xb9385880558a319fed0a79f0f7874d87a52176f4 completed From address: 0x916c3a8cc1cbfd54dfe9e9a5ef43e3bfc8da1769 to

Burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead For:

2,723.76092527 enigma $40513 ENG Sept 27, 2021 2:25 am

Firstly, I understand your frustration and I’m sorry you’re having trouble, I don’t know if I can help, but hopefully I’ll help you understand if not access your funds. it’s highly unlikely this is by design on Math wallet’s part, the coins are still in that wallet anyway.

Anyway, are you unable to access the account with address secret14j405tqzfttd4xff9rezxw69s9wlse658ctaqk, that you presumably generated in Math Wallet? And you’re saying there’s no SCRT there?

Would be a strange bug, but Math wallet asked you to save/copy the mnemonic key, so you can import that into other wallets and access your coins, usually I would suggest Keplr but I don’t think it allows you to fully edit the HD path, whereas does.

Whichever wallet you choose, Math Wallet uses the standard cosmos HD derivation path of “m/44’/118’/0’/0/0”, instead of the now standard Secret Network path of “m/44’/529’/0’/0/0”.
So in order to access your funds from Math Wallet in some other wallet, you need to edit that path to change 529 to 118, effectively accessing the derived private key of the account Math Wallet is using by default.

I hope this screenshot further clarifies setting the custom path

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Alternatively maybe math wallet stopped showing a balance because his app might still be pointing to secret-2 or secret-3

Not sure if math wallet has secret-4 (supernova upgrade) support but check if your app has any upgrades available.

It does, actually. When creating or importing a new account, click the “Advanced” button.

Yes, it actually does in advanced when you importing…

Thank you for understanding… it wasn’t even so much the finances as much as I really wanted to work with this project… I could have made the same mistake the other guy did…

I have 2 seed keys from MATH * I think I had sent ENG to a metamask originally where the transaction came from - I remember MATH wallet being frustrating - I also have Kepler mnemonic key from back then as well with a generated Cosmos address: cosmos165xpccu30zyefpj3x6eq6ellt7tsn7ryg560vg

I could get into that but the SCRT address in that wallet comes up as something different from the address where everything is secret14j405tqzfttd4xff9rezxw69s9wlse658ctaqk

Is it possible that I never had a secret address and it could have gone under a Cosmos address the same way tokens go under ethereum???
I understand about the path of “m/44’/118/0’/0” and appreciate your clarification… I may have to continue to try both wallets. Would it still be “m/44’/118/0’/0” if I try Keplr - it had to be either one of these wallets…

honestly I do not see much hope for this as I don’t believe I ever had the address secret14j405tqzfttd4xff9rezxw69s9wlse658ctaqk until after the fact by someone in a blog telling me where it was. It could be that I copied the contract address out of coingecko or something for SCRT if that was possbile… both wallets were in a startup stage… I could have also made a mistake - I do have keys but they may only be useless and a waste of time looks really good. almost too painful to see * I know I missed the boat

I really wanted to put SCRT to work…

Yes, it’s a possibility…