Burn ENG->SCRT from Ledger Nano: Problem with Metamask

I’m following the guide here: https://secretnodes.org/#/tutorials/ledger-swap

I’ve been able to connect Metamask to Leger Nano. But the ETH address in Ledger Live with the ENG in it, does not show in Metamask. I’ve scrolled through over 120 address. It does not show.

Am I missing a step? Does the ENG have to be sent from Leger Live address to a Metamask address to complete the burn?


Hi @Emily7
I think it’s the step in Metamask when you first import the ledger account, and have to select “Select HD Path”.
Try both “Ledger live” and "Legacy (MEW / MyCrypto)

Thanks. Switching to legacy MEW/MyCrypto worked.

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could you help see what’s going on with my transactions? I tried burning enigma to scrt and nothing happened? Address 0xd252f4e9cf19159a5f1d13d59ad4228e38f70078 | Etherscan