My swap transaction yesterday looks corrupt on the SCRT network.
It only displays one line that looks like an execute contract SCRT address, yet my Keplr wallet is still showing 0 SCRT balance?
Can you assist please.

What was your burn transaction?



You burned to the secret secret contract address. Not to your personal secret address. Unfortunately this cannot be undone.


Oh what!!
I don’t remember where I managed to get that address from in the first place. Great it happened to be the SCRT contract address!! Surely with such serious consequences this address shouldn’t have been visible for selection anywhere in the application, or at least the transaction fail or be rejected.
So due to the above network weakness there is now no way you can arrange to get the SCRT, that’s successfully on the network and is proven to originate from my Metamask account, simply added to my secret network address on my Keplr wallet


Sorry about the error. Nothing can be done.

Sorry, this is unacceptable.

FAQs on all sites state that the only option available when tokens are sent to an incorrect address is to contact the recipient and ask for them back. As we all know that’s just about impossible in normal circumstances, but In this case I know you’re network is the recipient.

Can you give me a contact to allow me to discuss this further.


Nobody has the ability to send you funds sent to the secret secret contract address. Such functionality would have needed to be programmed into the contract, such functionality is not present. Those funds are irretrievable.

Management contact to take this up with please?

The source code of the secret secret contract is here GitHub - enigmampc/secretSCRT: 𝕊(𝕊) SCRT backed privacy coin. There are no functions that would allow admin address(es) to transfer SCRT from the contract address. The only function that allows SCRT to be transferred from the contract address is the Redeem function which requires a user to burn sSCRT to be redeemed for the same amount of SCRT to be withdrawn from the contract’s balance.

There also is no function that would allow the contract to give the private key for its address to anyone, so only the contract is capable of sending SCRT from its address.

For these reasons, it is not possible for anyone to transfer SCRT out of the secret secret contract without Redeeming sSCRT. While that is unfortunate if someone accidentally sent SCRT to the contract address (or accidentally swapped ENG for SCRT minted to the contract address), the community would likely not have approved of any address(es) being given the power to just withdraw all the SCRT that people have deposited into the contract when converting it to sSCRT.

I’m very sorry to hear about your mistake.

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