Enigma Community Update: June 19, 2020

June 5 - 19

Hi everyone! This forum post is an update from Enigma to the Secret Network community. Below is a summary of what we have been doing since Friday, June 5. You can follow our progress by reviewing these GitHub project boards. The current sprint is ending Sunday, June 21.

Testing Secret Contract Functionality

Following the momentous achievement of running CosmWasm in secure enclaves (with encryption), Enigma’s dev team has been focused on testing secret contract functionality and getting ready to submit an upgrade proposal to the Secret Network community. Read more in this blog post:

Introducing Secret Foundation

Enigma’s Head of Growth and Marketing @tor announced his new role as Executive Director of the Secret Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to researching, building, and scaling adoption of decentralized applications with privacy at their core. This organization is designed to complement existing on-chain governance processes of the Secret Network. Essentially, the guiding values are Usability, Sustainability, Impact, and Empowerment.

SafeTrace Featured on IBM Cloud Blog

Enigma and IBM Cloud Are Protecting Human Lives as Well as Data Privacy

Without proper protection and security, data and information collected by organizations may turn into liabilities instead of sources of value. Leveraging IBM Cloud, we are building the Enigma Confidential Computing Platform (ECCP) to allow responsible data sharing while preserving data privacy. This means one can analyze data and drive insights without revealing any sensitive information about the data itself.

Enigma is excited to have begun the process of getting listed in the IBM Cloud Catalog in order to offer the Enigma Confidential Computing Platform to IBM customers. Privacy-preserving contact tracing is just one of many potential applications of the ECCP. Other use cases include fraud protection in online marketplaces, data consolidation, and machine learning.

Secret Games Planned for July

During the upcoming incentivized testnet, node operators, developers, and other community members will earn rewards (up to 1% of total supply) for successfully completing secret missions. The Secret Games are intended to help with testing secret contract functionality (encrypted computations running on Secret Network). If you’re interested in participating as a validator, fill out this interest form.

Most Referred Topics

Community Participation

Governance Committee

Next meeting: 2020-06-25T15:00:00Z

As discussed in the governance meeting yesterday, we are beginning to collaborate on a common resource intended to help all kinds of people improve their understanding of Secret Network and Secret Apps. Ideally, this Secret Wiki evolves into a comprehensive knowledge base unifying research, development, and marketing efforts. Your contributions would be much appreciated!

Everyone is welcome to share any thoughts in our weekly calls. Your feedback is extremely valuable to Secret Network, and Enigma’s core team is grateful for your contributions! We hope other members of the community respond and create posts like this one to share additional updates. Transparent cooperation facilitates coordination around similar goals with a purpose.

Please reply in this thread with any ideas or questions :slightly_smiling_face: