Enigma Community Update: May 1, 2020

April 24 - May 1

Hi everyone! This is our 9th installment of Enigma’s weekly community updates. Our goal is to be as transparent and collaborative as possible, and we appreciate all your insights and perspectives. Below is a summary of what we have done since last Friday. We finished our preceding sprint Sunday, April 26. Here is the project board of the current sprint. Let us know if you have any ideas or questions.

Highlight: Secret Zone ~ Making Privacy One With the Cosmos


This week, in addition to celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut, our dev team achieved milestone 2 of 3 on the path to enabling secret contracts. Finishing touches included better logging for the compute module and continuous integration testing. Now we are completely focused on the work necessary to reach milestone 3: running CosmWasm in SGX with encryption.

We have also been gearing up for the Game of Zones, a series of adversarial testnet challenges designed to prepare the Cosmos ecosystem for the upcoming launch of the IBC module. Our dev team has created an IBC zone, which relayers will use to interact with our “Secret Zone.” We asked several members of the Collective to help, including @dan, @moonstash, @taariq and @laura. The opening ceremonies happened earlier today, and we’re look forward to the competition starting Monday!

Our community is planning a unique incentivized testnet called The Secret Games, which is going to involve SCRT rewards for testnet validators who have SGX-enabled nodes, in addition to prizes for general community participation. We are collectively deciding what kinds of contributions are most valuable for a successful testnet. You’re welcome to join the discussion in the Secret Foundation RocketChat. If you want to launch an SGX node and become a validator, here are the instructions:

  1. How to install SGX
  2. How to run a full node
  3. How to be a validator

Yesterday, we did a webinar about SafeTrace and APEX with Outlier Ventures. You can watch it below. Next week, we are giving two presentations on Monday, May 4. The first one is for a virtual conference named Ready Layer One, and the second is for an event called DeFi Discussions. We’re also giving a talk as part of the MIT Startup Exchange.

As our team continues to make progress toward secret contract functionality, we are looking for help to improve our developer onboarding process. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for Rust developers to build and deploy contracts on the Enigma testnet. We will have updates on this effort next week. In the meantime, please let us know any feedback on this documentation:

Most Referred Topics

SourceCred Experiment

Contributor Cred % Total
@guy 872 10.6%
@dbriggsie 732 8.9%
@ainsley 352 4.3%
@tor 305 3.7%
@moonstash 290 3.5%
@MrGarbonzo 264 3.2%
@can 247 3.0%
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@adi 207 2.5%
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@jlwaugh 161 2.0%
@Avret 156 1.9%
@taariq 144 1.7%
@guix 132 1.6%
@bmiller59 93 1.1%
@Eve 91 1.1%
@Niels 90 1.1%
@KanaGold 89 1.1%
@toml 81 1.0%
@Cardiff 81 1.0%
@Brendan 80 1.0%
@assafmo 80 1.0%

Community Participation

Enigma Governance Working Group

Next meeting: 2020-05-08T16:00:00Z

This week, our call focused on ideas for the Secret Games, particularly nontechnical objectives for “secret agents” in the community. We’re inviting participation by all kinds of contributors. The Secret Foundation could potentially organize various educational opportunities, along with a pitch competition and some kind of art contest. Plus, there might even be teams with covert missions.

All are welcome to share any thoughts in our weekly calls. Your input is extremely valuable to us, and Enigma’s core team is grateful for your contributions! Please let us know if you need help submitting a proposal using our on-chain governance module.

Please reply in this thread with any feedback :slightly_smiling_face: