Enigma Community Update: May 22, 2020

May 8 - 22

Hi everyone! This is our next installment of Enigma’s community updates. Our goal is to be as transparent and collaborative as possible, and we appreciate all your insights and perspectives. Below is a summary of what we have been doing since Friday, May 8. You may review our current sprint (ending May 24) documented on this GitHub project board.

Highlight: Making Progress Toward Secret Contracts


Enigma’s dev team has been working on encryption for inputs, outputs and state. @toml and @assafmo finished keypair generation and sealing. They also implemented AES-256-GCM encrypt/decrypt functions. Overall, we are focused on our third and final milestone on the path to running CosmWasm in SGX with encryption.

@reuven has been contributing to the CosmWasm project, and he was recently invited to be a core developer of their protocol. His efforts were mostly driven by fixing an issue with gas fees, which required reworking error handling infrastructure across multiple repositories. @ethan and @Simon are great builders and collaborators, and we are so happy to work with such talented engineers!

Our community is planning an incentivized testnet called the Secret Games, involving SCRT rewards for testnet validators who have SGX-enabled nodes, along with prizes for developers and other members of the community. We are collectively deciding what kinds of participation are most important for the success of the network. Join the conversation happening in our RocketChat, and stay tuned for detailed updates! In the meantime, you can fill out this form to indicate your interest.

We have also been coordinating efforts in response to this on-chain proposal, which says, “Embracing this branding and realizing its full potential is only possible with the complete support of validators, developers, and community members in our ecosystem. Let us combine our efforts to grow the Secret Network, bring privacy to all people and all blockchains, and help achieve our shared mission of advancing privacy as a human right and public good.

Additionally, we’re thinking about best practices for governance proposals and voting. @can wrote a nice post suggesting a few guidelines for community spending that might be useful. This resulted in an interesting discussion that included some thoughts on secret voting. Check it out:

As our dev team continues to make leaps and bounds toward integrating secret contract functionality, we are continually improving our developer onboarding process. The goal is to make it easy for Rust developers to build Secret Apps on the Enigma testnet. Please let us know any feedback on this evolving documentation:

Most Referred Topics

Community Participation

Enigma Governance Working Group

Next meeting: 2020-05-29T18:00:00Z

This week, we mostly discussed how to make the Secret Games worthwhile for all kinds of participants, including node operators, developers, privacy enthusiasts, and even artists. We also tried playing a game called “Secret Agent,” and @Derek won thanks to some unintentional reverse psychology…

Everyone is welcome to share any thoughts in our weekly calls. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, and Enigma’s core team is grateful for your contributions! Please let us know if you need help submitting a proposal using our on-chain governance module.

Reply in this thread with any ideas or questions :slightly_smiling_face: