Enigma Community Update: April 24, 2020

April 17 - 24

Hi everyone! This is our 8th installment of Enigma’s weekly community updates. Our goal is to be as transparent and collaborative as possible, and we appreciate all your insights and perspectives. Keep reading for a summary of what we have been doing since last Friday. You may track our current sprint on this GitHub project board.

Highlight: Developer Tutorial - Writing Smart Contracts for Enigma Blockchain


This week, our dev team has been focused on tying up loose ends in order to reach the second milestone (of three) on the path to enabling Secret Contracts. Below is a post with a detailed summary of their hard work. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey toward the third milestone next week!

Having considered feedback on this letter from @guy about the future of Enigma, our community is planning an incentivized testnet, a.k.a. The Game of Secrets. This would involve SCRT rewards for testnet validators with SGX-enabled nodes, along with prizes for community participation. We are collectively deciding what kinds of contributions are most valuable for a successful testnet. Join the real-time conversation on Discord, post ideas on the forum, and stay tuned for additional information!

We’re also getting ready for the Game of Zones, a series of adversarial testnet challenges designed to prepare Cosmos for the upcoming launch of the IBC module. GoZ launches May 1, 2020, and it will comprise three separate, week-long stages with different Capture-the-Flag style objectives. Hopefully, participating in this competition leads to more opportunities for collaboration with developers and validators in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Meanwhile, our product team is collaborating with leaders of several projects building secure contact tracing applications. We’ve built an MVP demo and front-end integration, joined the TCN Coalition, and will be hosting an upcoming webinar with Outlier Ventures. Learn how you can get involved:

We are looking for developers to help us make it as easy as possible to deploy smart contracts on the Enigma testnet. There is a forum post highlighting opportunities to learn and potentially contribute, and here is the full documentation:

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Community Participation

Enigma Governance Working Group

Next meeting: 2020-05-01T15:00:00Z

This week, in addition to project updates from @derek and @moonstash, our discussion primarily focused on the “Game of Secrets” (working title). We might collectively draft a community-spend proposal to fund various initiatives related to education and promotion. All are welcome to join our weekly calls. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us; Enigma’s core team is grateful for your contributions! Let us know if you need help writing or submitting a proposal using our on-chain governance module.

Please reply in this thread with any ideas or questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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