Welcome Megan V to SNF!

Megan V joined SNF in mid-October to assist with SNF’s position in the community, including communication, efficiency, and accountability, and also to help with back office processes.

Outside of her past year off (spending time with her newest addition :purple_heart:), Megan has spent the last 8 years in the crypto world, most notably leading the Customer Support Operations for ShapeShift and assisting them in decentralizing their organization into the ShapeShift DAO. She’s proficient in the governance process, crypto and DeFi use, and has a strong personal network in the web3 space. Megan’s experience in decentralized orgs and crypto makes her a huge asset to SNF as we prepare to scale up the ecosystem in a time when confidential computing is at the center of many conversations.

Her passion lies in people and communication. Her goals are to help professionalize the organization in a way that best suits our ecosystem and ensure talent and resources are optimized.

Please join me in welcoming Megan to our community!


Pleasure to have you here Megan!

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Welcome, @meganV! That’s impressive experience.

Would it be possible to give the community information periodically (announcements, blogs, etc.) about the public-facing work Lisa is doing? I think we would all love to know what conferences she’s been attending, talks given and participated in. Like post-conference posts. What are some of things she’s learned from these experiences, her thoughts. Collaborations and discussions, I think that would be quite interesting to hear about. Nothing to burdensome though!

cc @LisaIsLoud :smile:


What a great idea. My plan is to create some sort of update feed, and I’ll have one for the EOY that includes what you’ve mentioned above, but I dig the idea of a regular update each month. Thanks for the feedback.


Looking forward to it!