Bizdev Committe

Hey Guys I was waiting for business development community Since I’m part of one of the apps that are building on the secret network (Alter). I feel that dapps in the network are the key to adoption and they need many resources to succeed besides funds. I recently heard that the person In charge of it just moved to new opportunities. I would be more than happy to fulfill the role. I have work in business development and marketing for some fortune 500 companies and now working with some DAO’s I think this is pivotal for the network to grow and flourish so I would like to see it going.


I hope you don’t run it the way you spell committee. What is the role by the way? Is there an existing committee and who was the person doing it?

What is the pointer in your last sentence or directive that is pivotal for the network to grow and flourish?

LOL I like trolls like you that check people’s mistakes instead of theirs. Clever lame, but clever. If you would know anything about business you would probably understand what I mean. Maybe you do but trolling is what gives you climax. :slight_smile: In any case If the dapps don’t succeed this is just an speculation asset. Developers may not be business people and need more support from other fields such as Marketing, Business analysis and so on.

I don’t know but you could have owned your error a little better IMO. Remember we are all making mistakes and learning so there’s no real reason to get defensive.

Good luck. I hope if you have the talent that it will be accepted.

I own it. I did it :slight_smile: Just pointing things out. Cheers.

Not a great introduction. We are a community Not twitter. Happy to have your talent join our community so we all prosper but a sorry & answering the questions might get more support.

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Could you please fill your proposal to lead with a bit more detail/structure like the other committee proposals? Is there anyone from the community that can vouch for you?

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I have a document proposal. Right now I’m helping as a secret agent and joining the awareness calls and working at Altermail which is a messaging app built on the secret network.

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