Support Team Funding June-Aug 24

This proposal is for the on-chain funding of the Support Team for the period of June 1st, 2024
to August 31, 2024.

The Secret Network Support Team is responsible for providing timely and effective support
to users on the network through all available communication channels. This includes
addressing technical issues, moderating community channels, and collaborating with
builders, validators, relayers, and the Core Team to improve the overall user experience.

Target Deliverables for this Funding Period

  • Be at the front-row supporting users in their ecosystem exploration with IBC, the depreciation of the old eth bridge and assets and anything else users may have trouble with
  • Provide timely and effective support to users on the Secret Network through all
    available communication channels (Secret Network Discord, Secret Community
    Telegram, and Secret Forums)
  • Moderate community channels (Telegram, Discord) to ensure a positive and
    helpful environment for all users
  • Collaborate with builders, validators, relayers, and the Core Team to identify common user issues and improve the overall user experience

Budget Request

The Secret Network Support Team asks for compensation for the following roles.

Compensated Roles

MrGarbonzo $3000 / month | 100 hours per month

Discretionary Budget

No discretionary budget will be asked

Total Ask

Total Proposal Spend for 3 Months: $9,000 ( ___ SCRT @ .__)


Thank you MrGarbonzo for your service. Supported. :slight_smile:


Fully in support - @MrGarbonzo is one of the most valuable / important contributors in all of Secret Network.

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Absorb this responsibility (and mr garbanzo) into the foundation. Solo proposals with no oversight, coverage, or cohesive access to an organization is not how support will be effective.

I would argue there’s plenty of oversight in terms of his work being quite public. His KPI is to respond to all customer issues within a reasonable amount of time. I would argue reasonable is within 12-24 hours (as most support operates like this), and he does WAY better than that, and has a proven track record. Also his proposals are always for 3 months which leaves a lot of room for evaluation and brings up his quality of work every 3 months which is also more frequent than what you see in more centralized companies who mayyyybe have reviews 2 x’s a year.

While I’m not opposed to the idea of bringing support into SNF, it would also beg the question if that role would belong under SNF or Labs…and I love the decentralized nature of the role as it stands now with a good amount of oversight.

also - thanks @MrGarbonzo for the good work this past proposal term.

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Make Lisa and Alex have a dance off for it