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I’ve been reading up on the governance notes and asking around, trying to make sense of what’s happening with the new foundation. They haven’t received all the money from the old one yet that tor runs, and there’s been no word on what’s going on with that. Also, I’ve heard Lisa hasn’t been showing up for the governance calls or answering basic questions.

Does anyone know when the rest of the money is supposed to be transferred? Or basic stuff like who’s working at the foundation and their salaries? It’s starting to feel the same as before.

I’m hoping things go well with this transition, but without answers it’s hard to believe. It’s been almost a year since voting on a transition. How many more years will this take? If someone can get these answers public It would go a long way.


Hi @DanielR thanks for joining the forum and sharing your thoughts.

I’m Megan! I just joined SNF about a month ago as the People Ops Manager. I’m assisting in formalizing the transition of the old Foundation to the new: ensuring the team is running optimally, setting up our future financial structure on the back end (banking relationships, etc) and generally speaking being an advocate for the team and greater community to ensure everyone feels supported to do their best work for the Secret Network. :muscle:

I’m planning on addressing this question around funding this coming week at the governance call but happy to do it here as well.

The Foundation’s goal is to complete the transition by the end of the year (specifically on the accounting end of things). In the meantime SFI is continuing to support SNF until the formal transition.

The team here at the Foundation is excited and honored to be moving into the new year with a seemingly fresh start and alignment with Secret Labs thanks to @alexz ’s stellar communication and leadership. Looking forward to building with you and this community and sharing more about SNF operations as details are further ironed out (roles, POC’s, branding, goals).

Please let me know if you have any other Qs or concerns and I’ll address to the best of my ability.

Hi Megan,

I appreciate that someone is responding.

Can you be more clear, are you planning to answer these basic questions by the end of the year?

  1. The details of the funds - how much of it is the community getting back, and what portion is staying with the old organization?
  2. The names of the contractors and employees at the SNF, along with their salaries.

Also, could you shed some light on what’s holding back SNF from being transparent with compensation information right away? There is an inconsistency currently. @SecretSaturn was being transparent about his pay from SNF but others like @ertemann are being openly critical of community members compensation while concealing their own SNF compensation. What exactly is stopping SNF from having a more consistent approach to this?


Hi again!

  1. Once I have a clear understanding of this, with the help of Lisa, we’ll be able to address this. The end of the year is the goal to fully transition, however I can not confirm if that means we’ll also have the other answers at that same time (what happens with old funds, etc).

  2. As promised to the community, there will be a NPO-styled report to bring an understanding of our budget details and spend. This will be an ongoing report for the foreseeable future. It’s standard practice and will of course be apart of our task as an organization. Regarding individual’s specific information, while some have offered it publicly, that is 100% in their right. I’m looking to ensure team members identities and personal information stays safe while providing transparency for the community. There is a way to do this well and I’ll be looking to other similar communities as well as from my own experience to find the best approach.

  3. We’re truly transitioning and as anyone knows, that includes plugging up holes in communication and raising standards. We’ll get there. In the meantime, individuals are welcome to share but are not required.

I truly appreciate this feedback. Especially as a new member to this community, it’s great to see the forum used for conversations just like this.

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Hey, I get that privacy matters to all of us, but you are making it clear SNF is okay with spending public money without being as open about it as the people who work for SNF force others in the community to be. It’s a bit disappointing, really, seeing this kind of thing again, especially when the community’s footing the bill for you to basically argue against being transparent, just with fancier words just like the people who came before. What a disappointment. Just more of the same from the sounds of it.


Last Mondays Governance Notes cover payroll & transparency including timelines into 2024.

Here is the last update from James River Law concerning wrapping up the old Foundations taxes. It was posted 2 months ago so @jamesriverlaw would you take the time to update the community once more please?

It does not include this information and megan here is indicating that she will not share it, according to this thread.

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I share your concerns @DanielR. Especially that Lisa Loud is not attending Governance calls. I find that very disappointing actually.


Does Tor or Guy have any thoughts on this topic ?

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