Unable to unstake SCRT and zeroed balance

Hello guys,

The Keplr wallet shows “Failed to get response” in the Secret section. Also, there are no validators shown at the Keplr - Browser extension wallet for the Inter blockchain ecosystem. . Could you advise how to solve this problem?
This problem is for 4 days yet. How to unstake SCRT tokens?

I’ve tried logging out and in again, it doesn’t help. Also, I reinstalled Keplr Chrome app, and when login, my SCRT balance became zero. But secretnodes.com block explorer shows my balance correctly.


Hi, it sounds like you didn’t accept the chain upgrade popup when you installed Keplr and navigated to the Secret Network page. Can you try reinstalling again, and this time by sure to accept the notification of chain upgrade?

Hello, I haven’t noticed popups during addng the wallet to Chrome and navigating to the Secret section.

Could you specify please, this popup should appear when adding Keplr to Chrome, or when you already signed up to Keplr with your mnemonic seed and new password setting up, and then navigate to the Secret section among the set of Cosmos-based blockchains?

Upgraded Chrome to the newest version and reinatalled Keplr wallet, there were no popups prompting to accept upgradeds. All other Cosmos-based blockchains operate fine in this wallet, but Secret is not by some reason.

Hmmm. Please use the discord #open-a-ticket channel, this forum isn’t well suited for providing help. We can pick up this conversation there.

The issue has been resolved by itself, thank you. Perhaps it was occured because of Secret network upgrade that time, they notified that issues may occur by this reason in the ticket section of Discord channel.