Unable to see balance in Keplr or accept viewing key

I am a US citizen so the route I took was to move BNB from Binance.us to metamask and then Keplr from there vai the secret bridge. However the SBNB doesn’t show up in my Keplr wallet once the transaction was made. I’m aware you need to create a viewing key but when I go to accept it I have 0 balance and for the small fee. I am I missing something?

You need to get some initial SCRT to pay for fees, you can get this from Binance and send directly to Secret Network, or you can ask in the Discord pizza room for a tiny bit

I am having the same problem. I tried to buy some SCRT on Binance.us, but SCRT was not an option. How do I get some SCRT to create a viewing key? I would rather not ask someone in the pizza room for tiny bit.

We have a faucet live here :slight_smile: