Keplr Wallet not displaing my scrt total in secretnodes

Previously, I have had no problem connecting the Keplr Wallet to secretnodes and delegating my tokens.

However, when I am in secretnodes, my balance is shown, but not reflected back to my Keplr wallet, which shows zero. When I click on a delegator to stake, my scrt total is displayed and I allocate a portion for delegating in the box. I click on Keplr to commence the transaction, but Keplr does not respond as it is showing zero still in its balance. I uninstalled Keplr extn in Chrome browser and cleared the cache. My seed was reinserted and correctly accepted, together with my password and Keplr opened again, but still showed a zero balance for my scrt. How can I resolve this issue? Grateful for any assistance.

Hi, can you message me directly on discord, or create a ticket? It’ll be easier to help you that way. Thank you.

Hello dylanschultzie,
Could you let me have your 4 digit tag for me to contact you in secret network Discord. Thank you.

For sure - schultzie#3231