How to access SCRT when transactions on old chains?

It has been a while since I put SCRT in my wallet and staked it. I can see balance, stake and earnings and list of transactions. When I look at any of my individual transaction details on there is a message that the chain is dead. My transactions are shown to be on secret-1 and secret-2
I originally used the Math Wallet on old computer but have imported into Keplr. If I try to send some SCRT to another wallet the transaction fails. How can I get access to my balance, rewards and staked amount without transactions failing?

Interesting. So you’re doing transactions now with Keplr, and the hash IDs still come up for the old chains? Is your Keplr up to date and set to the new chain-id? Can you try a cache clear and reload your browser and see if Keplr updates the chain for Secret?

Is there a chance you can open a ticket on Discord ( so we can help without asking you to post personal info on the forum?