Keplr Extention on Chrome Completely Useless

Not possible to interact with Secret Network at all, deleted the wallet, deleted the extension, wiped all Chrome data, history, cache, etc, etc.

Reinstalled Keplr restored wallet with seed and nothing works, asks for viewing keys again, they fail to transact, cannot swap, or send or do any network interaction.

Only thing that works is taking the seed to another device or browser.

WTF is going on?

Do I have to completely delete Chrome and reinstall it? How deep is this bug???

Could someone address this? There could be major bugs in the Secret Network and Keplr extension.

Try to recreate the problem with small amounts of money.

I’m sorry you have this experience. Keplr is a cosmos wallet that you can use for secret network, but it’s not developed by the secret network. I have not seen these issues yet, maybe the guys from keplr can help you out with your problems!

Hi @Revolution,

Sorry to hear that your experience with Keplr hasn’t been great. We’re a small team working to address issues for 38k+ users, so sometimes we can be a bit slow to respond to questions.

That being said, I am not sure if I have a good understanding of what the bug is. As for the viewing key issue, Keplr handles Secret Network viewing keys at the same standard as user private keys as it is the one thing that ensures your privacy when interacting with Secret contracts. Therefore it is correct that if you delete the wallet–you will need to either import your back up viewing keys or create a new one.

If you could please follow the steps outlined in ‘Report a Disruption’ in Keplr FAQ to provide additional information on: 1. what your issue is (error message, how to replicate, etc), 2. how to replicate it, 3. what is being shown in the console log. This would help us immensely in helping troubleshoot your issue.

Please feel free to reach out via our Telegram group chat or keplr(at) as well if you have more questions.

Best regards,


The wallet extension in my main Chrome is done for, I cleared all Chrome data, deleted the wallet, deleted the extension, clear Chrome data again. Restored the wallet and get network error.

There must be something on the computer, that holding data that is rendering the extension useless on my main Chrome browser. Everything is fine on another browser and on other devices.

The only thing left to do is completely uninstall Chrome and perform a sweep and remove any leftover data on the computer.