The key management node

Hi Dev team, Ainsley recommended I should drop this here for you to answer - Yesterday’s blog post mentions a key management node will be used in the upcoming testing but it’s not clear if this node is only part of your internal test network or is part of the actual testnet that will be coupled to ethereum in the next release. Can the team clarify this? When I hear key management node I hear centralized component. It sounds a little like the principal node used in the previous docker testnet which is not supposed to be needed in Discovery. So will this be hitting main net or is it only a node used in your internal testing?


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The initial testnet release will have a key management node. Regarding mainnet, this is still being discussed. There’s a chance that we will iterate on the testnet before launching on mainnet. From where I stand, this decision will depend on the partner project interest / feedback and timelines. We have a lot of interested parties building on Enigma and our priority is to deliver them a privacy protocol that addresses their needs.

It should be known that we will not have any centralized in our protocol, but it’s worth mentioning that we have to be practical. We care mostly about adoption and if adoption means that we progressively get to the fully decentralized network, then that’s something I can live with.

I find this article by the CryptoKitties team interesting -

My point is I think it’s more important to ship things that are usable today and are not against the ethos of our decentralized ecosystem.

Hope this helps