Enigma Community Update: March 6, 2020

February 24 - March 6

Hi everyone! As you may know, one of the main goals for Enigma’s team is to be increasingly transparent about our development progress and to coordinate with the community as much as possible. We’re committed to greater accountability as we move beyond our initial network launch toward secret contracts. This post begins our new series of weekly updates, intending to promote collaboration and quality discussion about Enigma.

Highlight: Testnet Launch with Smart Contract Module


Recently, the Enigma team and community launched our independent blockchain. This represents an exciting new beginning for the project. It has been great collaborating with developers of CosmWasm, a multi-chain smart contracting platform for Cosmos. We are happy to learn and build together!

Our product and business team is relieved to finally be able to speak openly with old and new contributors about the future of Enigma. Joining the Cosmos ecosystem is a wonderful opportunity, and we’re making solid progress with various partners. Our team will be active on this forum to discuss potential use cases and implementations. A goal of mine is to communicate with any developers interested in DeFi, Rust, IBC, etc. We’re looking forward to improved capabilities of secret contracts on the Enigma blockchain.

Ainsley and members of our dev team have been working hard to fully document our Discovery testnet products, including Enigma Core, Enigma P2P and Enigma JS. We’re excited to focus on upgrading the new mainnet, and the Cosmos ecosystem is remarkably innovative. This new direction allows the Enigma project and its community to focus on what we do best: privacy.

Updates from the Official Blog

Enigma Announces Settlement with SEC and Launch of Mainnet

Enigma MPC has reached a settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related to the issuance of ENG tokens in September 2017. Following an extended period of successful testnets, the first Enigma mainnet has been successfully launched, supported and operated by over 20 independent validators from the Enigma community.

The Enigma Mainnet Has Launched!

We launched a proof-of-stake-based blockchain based on Cosmos SDK/Tendermint and secured by a new native coin, Secret (SCRT). This blog post contains extremely important information about the goals, current functionality and future development roadmap of the Enigma protocol.

Recap: BUIDLing Connections at ETHDenver

We also released a few other updates, including my takeaways from the ETHDenver hackathon. It was a great opportunity to get feedback from hackers and others in the blockchain space. Thanks to all the organizers, mentors and volunteers who made it such a wonderful experience.

An Introduction to Enigma Governance

One of the most important changes made in the launch is adding elements of on-chain governance to the protocol. Moving forward, the Enigma development team (and any other contributors) must make changes to the protocol using proposals, which are voted on and approved by network validators.

Salad: March 2020 Development Update

Since presenting at ETHBerlin last year, we have been focused on the usability challenges of mixers. Enigma’s team has been developing Salad, an open-source transactional privacy solution. As we are moving towards enabling secret contracts on Enigma, our approach to Salad is evolving. First, Salad will focus on mixing native assets like SCRT, then we plan to explore interoperability with Cosmos networks, Ethereum, and other blockchains.

Enigma Governance Discussion Group

Next meeting is Friday at 2pm EST / 7pm UTC


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Community Participation

All are welcome to highlight any contributions they are making, share ideas, or ask questions. I’m happy to start providing these updates on a weekly basis, and ideally, the resulting conversations will add meaningful value to Enigma’s evolving processes. Please share any feedback on this thread!