Technical help to get a bridge to Secret Network


Can someone point me to POC to get a stuck transfer to the Secret network? I tried to bridge some BNB over to get Secret. It has been pending for over a month. This was a test amount and when it never made it, I had to bridge over with ETH.

The operation ID is 69638dbb-e68d-497b-b9c5-4bf654fbf35d
Tx Hash is 0x499367a010e822aced75d17ced23a8b71acf7ff0825e8acad994cb2ae37feefb


I am not moving anything until I hear your transfer was successful

Hi, if you head to the #open-a-ticket channel in the Secret Network Discord, they will be able to help push your Tx through the bridge.

Hey. I’ll take a look at this tomorrow. Generally it’s a bit more difficult to handle transactions that were done a long time ago, so depending on the specific issue it might take a little longer than usual to handle. I’ll update here once I know more

I opened a ticket and it was being pushed forward. Appreciate the help.

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