Can't see secret ETH. No view key or unlock key

I used the bridge and brought 1Eth over . I now have 3 blue dots next to secret Eth and cant see the coins in the bridge app or Keplr. There is no unlock key or view key. My transaction is 0xd67deb52208433d37e1c1d229f23b4a6f85cbbf06ea00b2ca68e4c600710403a any help would be great…Thanks

hello djmilton!
can you please try hard-refreshing the page? (ctrl+F5 or command+F5 on mac)

That did something. I now see 1 secretETH. I never saw a view key. Now how do I stake it. Thanks

It looks like I can go to Secret Finance -Earn. Or do it through Keplr. Are they the same? How do you pick a good Validator? Thanks

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

(You’ll get faster support on our discord in the bridge-support channel)
The bridge reward system is different from the staking on secret network.

Staking to validators on the network is done using SCRT tokens, and creates rewards in SCRT, and is unrelated to the bridge at all. Rewards are minted on the chain by the validators. Choosing a validator is a big topic and you should ask about it separately, preferably on the staking-support channel.

The rewards program allows you to earn a portion of a preallocated pool of rewards that will be received in sSCRT (a private version of the native coin, SCRT). To join the rewards program you can send ETH or several ERC20s across the bridge to create private versions of those tokens, and then deposit those private tokens to the appropriate the reward contract on the Earn page.

Thanks For Your help. I did try Discord and sent “tor” these question but didnt hear back. Im probably doing somthing wrong. This is all such cool stuff, learning as I go. Happy New year. PS I just got the vaccine!

I cannot see my balance on the bridge for my sETH. I have some staked, but I just have the fetching balance blue dots and no rewards. Its like its not there anymore or something. Can someone please help.

I just tried to push it thro, and staked a little more just now, and it went through. What worried me is that when you deposit it gives you any pending reward. I havent collected before and I only got .7 SSCRT. So I am super confused where are all my SETH?