Secret Bridge Transaction Stuck (Now 1000+ confirmations) (RESOLVED)

I am trying to bridge 7000+ DAI to sDAI but the transactions keeps failing and retrying. Is there anyway to cancel the transaction?? I can’t do anything, it seems to be perpetually stuck!

Never have had any issue like this in the past, I have wrapped dai to sdai before many times… Not sure why this has to happen on such a large amount…

Here is the operation ID:

Here is the transaction on ethplorer:

Here is a screenshot:

Please check this again, bridge went down for a couple hours last night but the devs got on it & it should be fixed now. If it’s still persistent please open a support ticket on the Discord:

Hi, your right. The network was down and the transaction is finished this morning. Thanks for your help! Have a great day.

The network was not down. The bridge was down. Important distinction!