HELP! Can't Convert secretETH to SCRT

Hello Devs - I need help as I am stuck not being able to view or convert the secretETH I just purchased to SCRT. I am in the USA and I need a small amount of SCRT first to find the View Balance Transaction on the bridge and without a small amount to start, it seems I am stuck not being able to view, access or move my newly purchased secretETH. here is my public wallet. If a small amount of SCRT can be given - I would be sure to repay back immediately after I get my tokens converted. Please and thank you - I am freaking out right now…


Not sure how to post a new thread , so I thought I might try a reply here to your post because I’m having a similar problem. I made a purchase of SCRT using 0.1 ETH. I get an error message when trying to view my balance. It wont let me create my Viewing Key

Just to follow-up, I was able to get help on the discord channel, thank you.

What was the solution? Having same issue