HELP! Can't Convert secretETH to SCRT

Hello Devs - I need help as I am stuck not being able to view or convert the secretETH I just purchased to SCRT. I am in the USA and I need a small amount of SCRT first to find the View Balance Transaction on the bridge and without a small amount to start, it seems I am stuck not being able to view, access or move my newly purchased secretETH. here is my public wallet. If a small amount of SCRT can be given - I would be sure to repay back immediately after I get my tokens converted. Please and thank you - I am freaking out right now…


Not sure how to post a new thread , so I thought I might try a reply here to your post because I’m having a similar problem. I made a purchase of SCRT using 0.1 ETH. I get an error message when trying to view my balance. It wont let me create my Viewing Key

Just to follow-up, I was able to get help on the discord channel, thank you.

What was the solution? Having same issue

For those in this situation. An ugly solution is to use a tokenswap site (changenow have SCRT, others are available) and a privacy coin (XMR, ZEC, etc.) to maintain privacy.

You can do a small swap with ZEC for some SCRT to use as gas via these sites.

This will be cheaper and more private than getting some SCRT when you move from mainnet.

Obviously risks are there and maintain proper privacy when using such sites.

There is a discord devoted to helping people that need a small amount of $SCRT dust in this situation. Here is the link to the discord:

Secret Pizza is the name of the channel you will want to join!

If you can’t get any help, feel free to reach out to @CarterWoetzel on telegram on the main Secret Network telegram. I’m always happy to assist / send some gas!