Secret Monero Bridge having some issues

I’m working through a transaction on SXMR conversion from XMR.

Glad to see the one of the folks on Discord pointed out who to contact.

If anyone else is having issues, please contact support on Discord.

How long have you waited, and did you use a hardware wallet going across the bridge?

I just made this tutorial:

I’m curious as to where it went wrong, and whether or not you’ve reached out yet to their support email?

Here’s the exact date stamp on my Monero wallet from when I sent the XMR:

2021-12-11 18:06:03

So almost 2 days ago. Can it take that long to work it’s way through ?

These are test runs for stacking Secret, I was hoping to move thousands, but this has definitely given me pause.

Wondering if there’s an atomic swap solution around the corner.


Hey Carl,

So yes two days is definitely too long. You did send the email, correct? If not, go back and send the email that propagates after inputting the TX ID and TX Key, and if you already have, go ahead and email their support.

If you used a Monero Wallet that’s connected to your hardware wallet such as ledger, you’ll have to reach out to their support. Hardware wallets that “support” Monero don’t give the correct Transaction IDs or Transaction Keys.

Have not reached out to their support team. Is the email in your video … maybe you include it in your respoonse ?

BTW - I own an ERP SaaS software company here in the U.S. ( and would like to consider incorporating Silk / Shade in some fasion. Off topic, but if you have any ideas or people you think I should connect with, please advise.

When this happens, is it reasonable to expect funds are safe ?Just wondering what would happen if I had sent thousands through the bridge.



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Ya check out that video, you have to send the email so that the bridge knows where to send the sXMR. Funds are definitely safe! Nobody has lost money, just the team that built it charges higher fees if they have to get involved and force it through manually (usually when people use hardware wallets).

Shade and Silk look awesome and I’m glad you guys are interested in incorporating them! Feel free to reach out to me, and I can connect you with whomever can best help!

Appriciate your input… right now, we’re just looking for ideas, so I’ll be talking more about our project on the forums.



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Problem solved … just wanted to let you know, the $0 loss record on the Monery Bridge lives on. Thank you for your help.

BTW - is it too late to participate in the airdrop by stacking SCRT and if so, any validators you recommend (preferably outside the top 20 to maximize airdrop) ??

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Has you issue been resolved?

Hey, the Shade airdrop snapshot has ended now, if you did have SCRT staked you can use this tool to calculate how much SHADE you will receive.