Some queries regarding SGX

Researched SGX but I am mostly confused as to what it is.

I have some queries regarding SGX I’m hoping intelligent folks here would help me understand it

I get that SGX is a TEE

Can someone help me understand how does the SGX work?

I read it provides hardware security

My perception of SGX is that it is some sort of a sandbox insulated from OS and other apps.

Where does SGX reside? on the RAM ? or on the CPU?

How is it that it acts as a secure TEE while a normal computer doesn’t?

Can SGX be integrated into older Intel processors?(pre-SGX generation). Say the nodes use non-SGX processors, won’t they disqualify to run as node for enigma network?

Some of the questions might sound stupid, I apologize for it in advance. But I’ll really be grateful if you help me understand it.

Have you seen this thread? Critiques on TEE


If you have more basic questions about SGX, Intel’s documentation may also be able to help you.


read it just now.