Activating SGX in BIOS

My computer uses i5 which I thought was compatible with Intel SGX, however when accessing the BIOS I couldn’t find SGX anywhere to enable. If it IS compatible, where would it be in the BIOS?

Also will we have to download or purchase SGX software as well?

Regarding downloading/purchasing SGX software-- No, in compatible machines it ships with the device.

Regarding your particular device, unfortunately the hardware options are many, with many variations. I think reaching out to whoever the hardware manufacturer is is one good option, and possibly Intel after that. I found this video from Intel, and this FAQ::

In particular:

OEMs can choose whether to provide BIOS support or not. If BIOS support is provided, it can be shipped turned on or turned off. OEMs can choose to not provide Intel SGX BIOS support. This will render Intel SGX capabilities inert (this means it cannot be turned on without potentially violating the product warranty).

An OEM is “original equipment manufacturer”.
I hope this helps.

Thank you this is very helpful. I’ll be sure to find out this week if I can make it work on my current cpu, and if not sounds like a fun project to build a new one.

About running a node though, how important is good internet? I kinda live in the middle of nowhere, and although we pay a lot for the best possible internet service, it still leaves to be desired.

We will need to get some data from testing the network before we can say what uptime requirements would be-- it is important, but we expect to get a lot more clarity during testnet. (I have terrible internet, myself, and live in the bay area. Go figure.)