Server hosting recommendations?

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What servers do you run the test code on?
So i want to run the test code on a server but found out that vultr apparently doesnt support SGX what other affordable server hosts can i use? Can you guys give us how much you pay and what host? Alternatively if there are work arounds id love to hear that as well.

@MysteriousBig9 we are building a simulation environment and it should be ready within a week!

Would you care to elaborate i’m not sure exactly what you mean by that? As in you are going to simulate SGX as a work around?

You don’t need to own a SGX device to write a secret contract / just want to develop on the Enigma network. You need one to become a worker. Thus we are about to release a simulation environment that would allow you to develop / test contracts without a SGX enabled device


Did you try setting up a Vultr bare metal instance? I spoke with Vultr support and they assured me that you can enable SGX from bios on the bare metal instances. Let us know if that’s not the case.

No i haven’t but i wont be purchasing a server until i get conformation or till mainnet launches


Here is a list of vendors which allow the execution of SGX:

Yeah sorry i should have stated ive been through that already. The price of the servers that run it are more aimed towards enterprise. Also when i checked some of them will support it but the actual service was not running yet and prices were also a mystery.

This is my email from them on it, be sure to pay attention to the difference between a bare metal and the other offerings.

Thats good to know but at 120 a month i might as well make my own. Thanks though

Do you know if we have multiple nodes, does that mean we will need multiple servers? I am assuming yes? I wonder if ROI on node rewards will even cover the cost of running the nodes…

Yeah im beginning to think im going to be using my node as an excuse to buy a new pc. Most nodes can be run off one server but im not sure if there is something crazy about sgx that would interfere. Probs not but if so there will be a work around like running virtual machines or something.

Regarding Vultr, this was their response (


Thank you for your inquiry. The Intel SGX feature is not something that we support or offer at this time on our platform. Thank you for your inquiry.

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Ask them about SGX support on their bare metal servers. I posted the email they sent me saying it was supported on bare metal, it’s above in the thread.

Hey there, I’m going to go with this:

Since, this will provide a complete SGX development kit and support from Intel. I’m thinking of which OS to go with, Windows or Linux, most likely will connect the server to my AWS VPC…


What is the advantage to connecting to AWS VPC?

The Intel SGX server will reside at my home, so will have a hybrid cloud access through AWS VPC. Then can access it while away fro home (development and POC), certainly can just connect directly, but AWS VPC will also provide insights into integration with external “classic” systems. Using a software VPN (strongSwan) linux instance in VPC, works well for hybrid clouds.

One of my concepts is bridging healthcare integration engines. It’s interesting that all of the blockchain healthcare ICO/Projects claim “big bang” conversion foe adoption.

When discussed with Intel, they mentioned this dev kit, and NUCs in general as a cheap option.

In addition, simulation mode has been released :).