Intel SGX only or AMD SEV usable?


I’m aware Intel SGX is required. However, I am curious if AMD SEV in the new Epyc CPUs would work out of the box as well? If not has anyone successfully patched the code to work with AMDs implementation?

I can use Xeons for the validators I’m spinning up but I get more bang for my buck with AMD Epyc boxes in general.

Thanks for the feedback in advance.

Hi, only Intel SGX is compatible.

I would add that we only support SGX-SPS, not SGX-ME

Thank you for clarifying everyone. Was just about to pay for the new box but now I will check for SGX-SPS as well first !

what is the model name of your machine ? are you able to use xeon up-do-date machine ?

So this has been quite an expensive endeavor. I purchased dedicated box with a Xeon E-2176G , 128GB ECC RAM and 4x DC grade NVME drives however it turned out the motherboard ( Asus WS C246) does not have hardware SGX support. Only the Asus C246M Pro has hardware SGX support.

I installed the sgx drivers , loaded them via mod probe and tried to build and run a test program with the SDK and no dice.

Unfortunately I can not source install a new board in that box due to the ToS of the provider so I may just have to repurpose that box for another application.

I’ve since purchased another box from a different provider which is a Dell R240 with a Xeon 2286G which does have a motherboard that supports hardware enabled SGX.

I haven’t got the box online yet, but it should be within the next two days. Hopefully no more snags from here …

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Xeon E-2176G supports intel sgx with sps & me(hardware & software) , how come motherboard dont support it at all ?

i am looking for a machine right now, with following specs:

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1330 M4 - Server - tower - 4U - 1-way - 1 x Xeon E-2176G / 3.7 GHz - 16 GB RAM - SATA - hot-swap 2.5 "well (s) - without HDD - UHD Graphics P630 - GigE, iSCSI - without OS monitor: none

----- but

CPU socket LGA1151 Socket
Chipset type Intel C246

chipset type is intel c246, is this same issue with you ?

Asus decided not to put it in the BIOS for whatever reason. The frustration for me was that the same board with “Pro” appended to the model does have it. The Pro model is also 20$ cheaper. Go figure.

The chipset is the same , but what matters is if the motherboard manufacturer allows SGX to be enabled in the BIOS.

See the ASUS c246 WS vs the Asus c246m pro. Same chipset, but only the latter allows SGX enable in the BIOS.

You should really consider just buying/getting some thing that has already been tested and is documented in our resources Hardware Compliance | Secret Network

The Dell R240 is listed in the hardware compliance document….

Yes it is. No asus is though. You can experiment with other builds if you’d like though, it’s helpful to everyone for sure :slight_smile:

Hetzner uses Asus boards, and I do a lot of business with them so I attempted to get a new box from them first. I use OVH as well but they have a strict “no crypto anything” policy even if you own the box. I gave up on Hetzner and moved to my third in line provider leaseweb to buy the R240.

I am only posting the information regarding the Asus box as FYI to members so they may save some time knowing it is a dead end. SGX is a really picky piece of technology in terms of hardware selection and its not always clear if a board / BIOS supports it until you’ve put your hands on it…or at least tunneled in via SSH :wink: