Not able to Understand this how to compute on data without having access to it

Selected workers can decrypt the inputs inside their enclaves, compute on the data without having access to it, and reach a simple consensus on the result

I am not able to understand this how can you compute the data without having access to it?

Source of the statement

At first, by using TEEs

can you please elaborate on this as TEE is a space in the processor from what I have understood about it.

They use SMPC to work on encrypted data. So SMPC run inside TEE’s?

Can you please elaborate?

We are currently using Intel’s SGX, so you might want to read about that. You can also read about AMD SEV.

Enigma currently has support for only Intel SGX right? Can AMD machines be part of the Enigma Blockchain?

Yeah only SGX at the moment

I have one more question, the project has developed from Discovery to voyager,valiant and now defiant I guess. Why is the cli tool for enigma called as discovery? It uses older version’s of npm. Is there a valiant-cli like discovery cli?