Enigma Community Update: March 27, 2020

March 20 - 27

Welcome to the 4th installment of our weekly updates following the launch of the Enigma blockchain! Keep reading and review our current sprint on GitHub to learn what our dev team has been working on since last Friday. As always, we hope you will ask questions, share ideas, and make contributions! Essentially, the goal of these posts is to connect members of the community with opportunities to get involved and earn from value shared.

Highlight: Announcing SafeTrace to Help Fight COVID-19


On Sunday, @assafmo and @toml successfully executed wasmi inside an SGX enclave, and during the week, they managed to invoke Rust userspace functions in Wasm code (within the enclave). Now, we are beginning to make progress toward importing wasmi / SGX into CosmWasm.

@reuven has made significant progress toward replacing the wasmer runtime of the compute module with a wasmi runtime running inside an SGX enclave. This recently submitted pull request includes the details.

We also added warnings for validators about double signing in documentation:

  • Downtime => 1% penalty + 10 minutes jail
  • Double signing => 5% penalty + tombstoned (permanent jail)

Our product team is working on a guide for developers about how to use our implementation of CosmWasm. We are looking at how it compares to developer experience of the Enigma discovery testnet and Ethereum. This effort is being led by @ainsley, @taariq and @laura.

More info: https://github.com/lauraweindorf/enigma-dev-x

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact global society, we have been developing a solution called SafeTrace, which enables privacy-preserving contact tracing. This could help fight the virus by informing healthcare professionals, government officials and citizens around the world. Users will share location and infection status without compromising the privacy of that sensitive data. Check out what we’re building and learn how to get involved: https://github.com/enigmampc/SafeTrace

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SourceCred Experiment

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@guy 837 11.1%
@dbriggsie 599 8.0%
@ainsley 332 4.4%
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@can 213 2.8%
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@Avret 142 1.9%
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@jlwaugh 130 1.7%
@guix 127 1.7%
@bmiller59 92 1.2%
@Eve 90 1.2%
@KanaGold 88 1.2%
@Niels 85 1.1%
@Cardiff 80 1.1%
@Brendan 77 1.0%

Community Participation

Enigma Governance Working Group

Next meeting: 2020-04-03T18:00:00Z

Last week’s GWG discussion was really fun because we met in VR on Mozilla Hubs in the “Chamber of Secrets.” We mostly talked about community spend proposals, and several members of the community shared thoughts on best practices for keeping recipients accountable. I suggested there could be potential for some kind of marketing committee funded by the community pool. Feel free to share any ideas or questions here: Community Pool Spending

All are welcome to highlight relevant work they are doing. Hopefully, it is clear that our network is becoming increasingly decentralized, although our centralized team remains dedicated to the project and its ecosystem. We are collaboratively integrating your feedback, and we’re grateful for the chance to cooperate with so many awesome people!

Please reply in this thread with any feedback :slight_smile: