Enigma Community Update: April 3, 2020

March 27 - April 3

Hello to the Enigma community! Thanks for joining us here on the forum. We appreciate your participation. Read on to learn what we have been up to since last Friday. Our latest sprint began March 29 and will end April 12. You are welcome to keep track of Enigma’s current development work on this GitHub project board.

Highlight: March Development Update


Our dev team has been focused on implementing wasmi runtime inside an enclave, as part of cosmwasm-sgx-vm. There are several functions required for CosmWasm in order to replace wasmer with wasmi. Overall, we are making strides toward the important milestone of running CosmWasm inside SGX without encryption.

We are currently exploring the opportunity to participate in the Game of Zones, the adversarial testnet challenge organized for the Cosmos ecosystem. If you’re interested, the registration form is due April 25, and the competition will run May 1-22. There is a prize pool with 100,000 ATOM up for grabs! GoZ will comprise three week-long stages with different Capture-the-Flag style objectives.

As our team continues to develop the SafeTrace platform, we are expanding the collaboration and building momentum. The goal is to release a trusted solution for encrypted storage and processing that will help many users around the world. Security is paramount during times of crisis, especially for vulnerable populations. We are hoping to support a variety of contact tracing applications which need a privacy-preserving database.

Follow the progress toward a minimum viable SafeTrace product here:

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Community Participation

Enigma Governance Working Group

Next meeting: 2020-04-10T18:00:00Z

All are welcome to highlight relevant work they are doing. Your questions and comments are quite useful to us. Of course, feel free to submit any proposals via our on-chain governance module. We are particularly interested in finding ways to utilize Enigma’s community pool. All in all, Enigma’s core team is thankful to have such valuable collaborators in our community!

Please reply in this thread with any feedback :slight_smile: