Enabling SGX on Google n1-instance

Hey good people!

I’m having trouble with my n1-instance…don’t know how to enable SGX? Help?


Hey good @softSkills244,

Unfortunately, Google Cloud does not support SGX. You can take a look at this table: https://github.com/ayeks/SGX-hardware#cloud-vendors and see that Google Cloud is not supported, and there is more detail on this issue: https://github.com/ayeks/SGX-hardware/issues/37

As you will see, I am the one that documented that lack of support: I was in a direct conversation with Google Cloud engineers who were excited about the project and looked into what it would take to support SGX, but at the end they came back saying that they do not support SGX.

I know it may be confusing, because as the issue above documents some of their cloud infrastructure is SGX capable, but they do not enable it on the BIOS and there is nothing you can do.

As alternatives I can suggest IBM Cloud and Azure, which I have personally tested and run successfully, and Alibaba Cloud which I have been told to support SGX, but I haven’t tested myself.


Thanks Victor!

It seems I misinterpreted you faqs. I thought there was some kind of way to configure BIOS in n1. No worries I’ll use IBM. Hope i have more questions soon :slight_smile:

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Do you have a link to IBM site? Wonder what I need and what it costs

Here’s a link from IBM that walks through the provisioning of SGX-capable cloud infrastructure, and you’ll see from that screenshot that runs at around $270/month. Or else open an account with IBM cloud and look at the pricing options.