Testers needed for networked Discovery

Hello! We need some brave volunteers to troubleshoot our networked testnet. This is a high priority for us, so please make a note here if you’re willing to spend some time in the next 4-5 days! cc @moonstash @Brendan @can @victor

  • very helpful if you have SGX hardware
  • if you don’t but are interested in helping, still let me know.

Respond in thread and I’ll follow up!


I have no experience testing anything, but I can help if you can use someone with little to no experience.

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@Cardiff – do you have an SGX-enabled device / experience using a CLI?

I will be using bare metal from Vultr which I can deploy later tonight, but I have very little experience using CLI. I’ve only played with it a half dozen times.

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I have access to SGX compute and use CLI, will help as needed.

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Welcome back @Jim good to see you and glad to hear you’re on board to help test!

Glad to be able to help, and it’s perfect timing due to a lot of unexpected free time over the next few days. I’m on GMT so availability to help will be based on normal waking hours.

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Hey @ainsley! timing couldn’t be better. I’m setup and ready to go.

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Thanks @Fergal – I’ve emailed everyone on the email they registered to the forum with. Let me know if it doesn’t get through!

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Hi Ainsley. I’m away from home til Monday afternoon GMT. I have SGX enabled hardware and have already set up a secret node (I think!) using the Secretnodes setup guide for Ubuntu desktop. I’m not hugely technical but muddled through with help from @moonstash ! Happy to help in any way I can from Monday. I can’t cc all the others you requested as am told that I’m a new user and only allowed to cc 2 people, so Ian and @Brendan Thanks!

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Thanks @JimmyJingjang – will email the address you registered to the forum with more details!

I have a Intel NUC with SGXand have hands on CLI (not an expert). I tried installing a node but getting env-template error. If that is sorted can help during daytime.

Hi Ainsley,

I have SGX hardware available to test, located in Datacenter with 1Gbit uplink.
More than happy to assist by sending in logs and other requested dev issues.


I have successfully followed @moonstash guide on a NUC. But I dont even know what CLI means. Let me know if you want me to do something.

Hello, still need help?
I have no SGX but have been following your project. I’m sysadmin vet and blockchain certified architect and mostly I’d Love to help.

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Thanks everyone! I think we’re all set for the time being, but I will keep you updated and reach out if that changes. Looking forward to the next step.