SCRT Wallet Support

Hi all,

I am starting this thread to further discussion of how to increase wallet support for Secret (SCRT), which is essential for end user adoption. Right now Mathwallet is the best available option for community members. I have spoken with multiple other wallet teams as well (Cosmostation, Lunie, Atomic…) to see how we can move forward with broader SCRT support. It’s clear that community demand has a large impact on ensuring wallets add support in a timely manner.

We will have more options in the very near future, but I am wondering if there are those in the community who can either:

  1. independently develop an SCRT wallet (which imo would be deserving of community pool funding!)
  2. help to identify and approach existing wallets that we want to add support
  3. think of other ways to improve SCRT wallet support

This is a top priority for the ecosystem and I want to make sure this receives a lot of visibility! Please post here if you are interested in collaborating on this effort or have thoughts.


I have interest in participating on this. Although, I am not a dev, I can contribute with the strategy and potential partnerships that could help strengthen the network.


I’m always keen to try new wallets and see if they’ll work for for me as a staker, dapp user or contract developer.

One of the wallets I’m looking at is Neuma, because it uses iov/multichain to sign and broadcast txs to multiple blockchains, and consume streams of events like block height and account balance changes, as well as the key management that goes with it, under the hood is Keybase.

Maybe it’s too much for some users, who just want a simple SCRT wallet to stake with for example, and ideally we should be able to configure a few things like custom prefix (secret), default path/index and api url.