How Do I Acquire SCRT?

Here’s some popular ways that you can acquire SCRT in order to interact with applications on Secret Network, such as SecretSwap and Secret NFTs.

  1. Centralized Exchanges - purchasing on CEXes like Binance, MXC, or others. Here’s a list of available markets.

  2. Ethereum DEXes - purchasing wSCRT on Uniswap, then using the Secret Bridge to unwrap it on Secret Network. Here’s a video guide to acquiring wSCRT.

  3. SecretSwap - purchasing SCRT on SecretSwap using bridged ETH, USDT, or other assets. Use the Secret Bridge to turn your ETH into sETH, then trade for SCRT!

  4. Over-the-counter - purchasing SCRT directly from other community members. If you need a small amount of Secret for gas, try asking in the #secret-pizza channel on Discord. :pizza:

Go get secrets! :slight_smile: