Why is there a silence about exchange?

Why is there a silence on the part of the developers about the swap at Binance? I have been following the project and have been an investor since the beginning of 2018. I am concerned about not finding answers about whether any exchange will support the enigma swap or if there is any exchange that will accept SCRT. I would like the community to speak out about it. Has there been any conversation between the developers and a broker? I am afraid it will be very bad if none of them speak out on the matter. I would like to be a little more relieved on this subject.

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Hey @fisixx welcome to the fourms!!

From what the community knows Binance is aware of the swap, but there is no official announcement to support it yet.
Although a lot of internal conversations that i have personally heard say that the swap will be supported #soon ( But this is just speculation at this point).

A lot of community members have been asking for public announcement of Twitter and Social Media so keep your eyes pinned on it!!

For now though team is focused on the upcoming testnet https://blog.scrt.network/announcing-the-secret-games/

Update 1:
Binance is taking part in the Secret Games as a validator!!

I appreciate the quick response I got to my concerns. Although there are only internal conversations and nothing official has been declared by the developers, I am totally satisfied to know that this issue is discussed internally in the community. Thank you very very very much. :blush: :blush: :blush: