SCRT Payments, Escrow Integration

Hello, I’m new to the Secret network and I was interested in testing integrating SCRT with a marketplace that allows for payment in SCRT as well as the ability to hold payments in escrow.

Is there documentation on integrating SCRT into payments? Is there a pre-built module that can be added to a website and tweaked to allow customizing the payment wallet, escrow wallet, automatically generating addresses, etc?

I’m looking for any advice you can provide!

The stashh team has an escrow contract which might help you.

There is also a developer who worked on Secret invoices, i dont know if this has an escrow function.

If you are looking for Marketplace utillities your best bet might be to speak to @cryptochem0000 on twitter, he is the business lead for Datavault.

Hope these 3 leads help you gather some info on the current state of open source code regarding escrow and potential partnerships for the functions you want to build. Goodluck!

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