Add a way to pay SCRT fees in sSCRT?

Hello, I am a new user of the Secret Network. I am wondering if this topic has been discussed by the team and if it is technically possible to implement. I have come across an issue that affects usability and privacy of the ecosystem, because SCRT is on a public chain and almost only accessible thru Binance exchange. It makes it really hard to create different wallets on the Secret Network without linking them together by sending traceable SCRT. Even if you would send sSCRT to an other wallet, it is impossible to transfer withdraw of create a view key if you don’t have any SCRT. Because Binance is almost the only exchange giving access to SCRT, and is slowly requiring KYC, it makes it really hard to have a real private DEFI eco system without using any central party or transferring SCRT from 1 wallet to an other, which links them ultimately. What I am saying is that it is very hard for a user of the Secret Network to use the s token between different wallets and keep total anonymity. Because you need to use a public chain to pay for the network fees and only Binance is making widely available and requiring KYC, we are stuck. One possible solution that I have read on telegram is to have an option to pay for SCRT fees in sSCRT I think it would be greatly appreciated by the community and a good step forward into reaching privacy, a human right. Also, there could have a way to create a view key on sSCRT for the first time without fee that you repay on your second transaction. That way, you can see your receive address for sSCRT, receive money and repay the create view key on the second transaction. You could then transfer to SCRT anonymously and as more exchanges add SCRT, we could be well positioned for reaching our goals. Did anybody discuss this subject, is it technically possible and what is your opinion on the subject?

Thank you all, Cheers

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One other solution could be that we have a similar thing like but for SCRT. Users could sell small or bigger amounts locally with different options, thus purchasing low amounts of SCRT and have new wallets. Although both could be applied simultaneously and it would be very great progress. Just my 2 cents