On-going funds recovery with community member

Over the last few days there have been some allegations flying around regarding myself and b00p3r so I thought I would post publicly to give b00p3r the opportunity to respond to anything that he/she feels is a falsehood.

Myself and b00p3r had an arrangement
In-which I ended up sending 16k over a period of time to him/her. I have record of all TX’s.

One thing lead to another and I ended up asking for these funds back on the 3rd of May.
At the time of writing this (14/8/23) I have not had these funds back.

Following my request to ranger ranger to post a statement in the anons channel after I had seen some misleading statements I received a message from b00p3r for the first time in roughly 2 months.

Prior to this, he/she had already agreed to pay me back so I would frequently ask about when he/she was going to send the funds, but there always seemed to be something preventing him/her sending them.
On one occasion even going to the extent to send international wire transfer tracking numbers ,but after speaking to the bank at the time I’m lead to believe are faked.
My private requests to return the funds have up-to this point been completely ignored.

I have made him/her aware numerous times that the funds would mean a whole lot more to me than they would him/her based on our financial situations.

I am posting this here because b00p3r is still collaborating with members of the SCRT community - for what reason, I am not totally sure - and I want them to be aware of this issue and behaviour.

I see this as my last resort to recover my funds and I hope that this was all just a big misunderstanding with b00p3r.

I will keep the community posted on the outcome of the funds.

I can prove/disprove any statements being made and have acquired:

Full logs of our conversations

All tx IDs and their paths

Fabricated wire tx data

A factual breakdown including dates of everything that took place.

Update 18/07/2023:

B00P3R has reverted back to ignoring my messages and no funds have been returned.