Redelegation time and checks


Just trying to move my staked SCRT from inactive node to another, I’ve tried a few times today and gas fee has been spent but the staked SCRT is still showing up along side the inactive node. How long does it normally take to redelegation, and is there a way I can check the tx info etc on Secret?


Should be immediat.

Did you redelegate this stack to this node in the last 21 days? You can only redelegate every 21 days.

This should immediately show up on the explorer ( You should check on there if the tx’s went through. How long ago did you start staking there?

If you keep having this issue, you should head over to the Discord ( for support.

thank you, would have only started staking within the last month, its been only a few weeks. Will check out the explorer and jump on chat if needed, thanks!

just checked, all the redelegations failed, and it says ‘Error - invalid coins’. Are my staked SCRT still ok?

Your staked SCRT are still okay, but the validator did get jailed so your stake was slashed by 0.01%. Are you perhaps trying to redelegate more SCRT than you currently have staked? (you could try to leave a few decimals off)

just tried to redelegate to a different node with smaller amount, but with the same error. The initial staking was 07 Jul 2021, so whats the best plan of action for now to get staked SCRT off the invalid node?

If unstaking and claiming period reduce to 14 days or less, it will be nice. 21 days it’s such as a long time :slightly_frowning_face: