I think I messes up

So I joined Osmosis and got my pools set up, started learning about staking more there on Keplr and came across the Secret Network and its token. Been reading all morning and I am sold. So I find the bridge site. Swap some Eth from my MM wallet to sEth on Kplr. Wow no prob! Easy. .075 Eth swapped I wanted to convert to SCRT. I head over to Swap but it will not let me. So I figured I need to SEE my sEth but I have no SCRT to pay the tiny fee so now I have spent a couple hours trying to get SCRT. I do not want to join a questionable exchange (gate.io) etc to buy SCRT.

Ok so this part is weird. I see on reddit that you can join the Secret Network discord server and go to the pizza sub room (not a big discord user so I am not really sure how it works) and someone can spot me a tiny bit of SCRT, but when I try to join the discord chat room after waiting 10 mins it just disappears and looks like I have been booted and the server is not listed with my others.

So I have a few hundred dollars of sETH that I cannot see or move from my Keplr wallet. Please help!

It sounds like you aren’t verifying for the server, I believe there’s a limited timeframe for that. Can you try again, and if it doesn’t work, we can work through it through here.

If you are referring to discord I am in the desktop app, I then agreed to there TOS (or whatever they called it) then it said I had to wait 10 mins for anti bot, then it just disappears when the timer reaches zero. I have never seen that before in discord. I am in plenty of other servers.

I have done it twice. Both times I have to wait for the 10 min timer to count down and both times it just poofs and I am back to homepage essentially and the server is removed from my list of discord servers to join.

Weird. Are you on telegram? That’d be easier than this. You can message me at @dylanschultzie

No I am not. Before I join anything else, should i be able to swap sETH and SCRT on the swap platform even if I cannot see my balance? I see others on reddit able to do this or was this a past feature or bug?

No, what we’ll have to do is:

  1. I send you SCRT
  2. You create a viewing key for sETH
  3. You create a viewing key for sSCRT
  4. You swap sETH → sSCRT
  5. You unwrap sSCRT using one of various tools

Well, to clarify, yes you can swap without a viewing key, but you can’t swap with zero SCRT as it’s the gas

Ahh ok I see.

Wow a extreme catch 22 if you do not realize the issue.

I found the Kplr faq for creating viewing keys but it did not mention I had to create two.

Unfortunately yes, though, you should’ve received some ETH SCRT from bridging in. It may be empty again… there has been a monstrous influx of people and it empties the bridge faucet every 2-3 weeks or so.

AHH ok that makes more sense. I wondered if there was some sort of faucet or open pool feature to cover the fees

Here is the Keplr address where it shows 0 sETH in my wallet.

secret12xgrtju72737djqd7njr5cc6yumvkgyd2d20dl This is where I bridged my MM ETH to sETH

Also in Keplr it has a red exclamation point down by 0 sEth saying wrong viewing key or not set. I did mess with it quite a bit but never got anything working.

Sent! Use https://wrap.scrt.network/ to unwrap at step 5.

Keplr needs updated to show sETH properly - it’ll show 0 until it’s updated. Use secretswap or siennaswap to view your actual value. Create the viewing keys here: 𝕊ecret Swap

Once I create my viewing keys, will the swap use sETH to pay fees or SCRT?

You’ll need SCRT to swap - I believe the amount I sent should be sufficient?

Ok if you got a couple mins let me try this using your steps and links.

Ill send a tip back for your troubles.

That’s fine, I’ll keep an eye out. :slight_smile:

Ok I do think its messed up as in the swap screen the magnifying glass is gone and in bold red it says

It does show the SCRT you gave me in my wallet balance so theoritically I could do the swap if I don’t exceed my sETH amount right?

I am trying to covert 99% to SCRT so not worried about the sETH.

Do you have any ad-blockers installed? Also, did you use average fees? After the upgrade the fees are still in flux for what works, so really only average is recommended at this time.

No I dont have any installed. If I wanted to use Keplr to manually add a token and add a contract address what address is the contract address? I think I messed it up earlier when I thought I needed to manually add one and it failed due to lack of funds.

Also I notice on swap you can swap right for SCRT instead of sSCRT is that not advised?

Ahhh. I’d recommend deleting the viewing key and creating another.

You can swap for SCRT, but it has extremely low liquidity, so you’ll be getting a raw deal.

Ok I understand. Where do I delete the viewing key and start over?