Hotbit Transfer to Keplr

Hi All,

I transferred my SCRT to keplr wallet today, and although the transaction is showing as complete in Hotbit, it does not show up in my wallet. When I view the hash it states: " This chain is dead and some features may not work. Want to see the latest chain? and the page display is: “Sorry! We’re having some trouble loading and displaying this data. Please try again later.”

Please help if you can.

Thank you


Did you try manually changing secret-2 to secret-3 in the URL?

I did, and it still says the same thing. It’s also still not showing in my Keplr wallet

Hotbit must be using a secret-2 node if they are sharing a tx hash that links to secret-2 for tx’s done now.

Thank you. Is there a way to receive in my keplr wallet?