No way to get scrt gas

Need some advice: I have seth, sscrt, and sefi in my Keplr wallet, but no scrt gas to utilize it. Binance us does not have scrt, and I have sent wscrt to my account over the bridge but it converts to sscrt, not the gas. Any thoughts? Thanks!

See if Keplr - Browser extension wallet for the Inter blockchain ecosystem. works for you.

you can convert sscrt to scrt on secretswap

Didn’t have the gas to do it, but someone sent me $1, and I could get everything rolling. Still an issue, though

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Didn’t have the gas to make conversion, but someone sent me $1, and everything is rolling now. Still an issue, though

Same here and I’m definitely willing to trade for the equivalent dollar amount in another currency if someone can help me out.

Head over to, and head to the #secret-pizza channel :slight_smile: usually pretty fast for someone to respond

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Thank you @pmuecke :pizza: sounds good right about now! :rofl: