Got ripped off on scrt bridge, or did i?

I went on SCRT BRIDGE last night to purchase SCRT, a coin I’ve been wanting to get into. I traded $334’s worth of ETH for a whopping $2.25 of SCRT??? Did I miss something? MetaMask wallet showed the gas fees were under $5. Can anyone help sort this out or experienced something similar.

I believe the $2.25 of SCRT you got, its the free airdrop of 0.75 SCRT that is given to your first ETH bridge into sETH.

If that is the case, I am assuming that you did not trade anything yet, you just sent $334 worth of ETH (lets say 0.2ETH) and converted it into 0.2 sETH. But you can’t see it on your wallet until you click on View Key (pay a small fee), so you will be able to see your newly converted sETH on secret network.

Then if you want to trade it for sSCRT, you go to the SWAP section, then you do the same thing with View Key on sSCRT, and then you can trade your sETH for sSCRT. Do this with any other token so you can see the balances and trade between them. Also works with the Liquidity Pools, View key everything you need!

It is not very easy to get it all at once, I think that is something that has to be improved on the frontend for newcommers. But once you get how it works, and the difference between SCRT and sSCRT, using the bridge between Ethereum and Secret Network and all that, then its becomes a piece of cake.

Hope that helped you.