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Secret DeFi is here. Now you can trade secret tokens with front-running resistance, improved privacy protections, and low cost. Start using SecretSwap now!

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Where should user’s report issues with secretswap?
I noticed that previously the trading pair sSCRT/sETH. Now it’s listed as sSCRT/ETH, I wonder what happened to sETH? All the tokens tradeable on secretswap should be secret tokens not the Ethereum tokens.

Also the wallet balances were available on the secretswap app page, but it seems to be missing now.

So I would like to be directed to the place that I should report such issues. Can someone direct me to the appropriate place?

Thank you.

This is good. What is the gas fee like when compared to other swaps on ETH block chain?

I traded $334 in ETH for $2.25 in SCRT. Can anyone enlighten?

I don’t see a trade like this is the swap history. What’s your secret address?

Hi, this is the trade link


On Twitter, some members suggested that I had converted ETH to sETH, but could not see the sETH. I’ve downloaded the Keplr wallet but still can’t see it. Let me know if that makes sense.

Thank you for your help

Ok, I’m staring to feel like a fool now. I transferred another $60 in ETH to convert to sETH then SCRT and I still see less than $2 worth on my Keplr wallet. I’m extremelly upset about this, but I’m favoring the possiblity that it’s me. This is my SCRT address, if you can help me, I would appreciate, if not, I will dedicate a lot of time to making sure I get my money back and then some, and if not spending days communitating to every crypto person I know I got ripped off twice and was too stupid to realize it. I hope that’s not the case.


You didn’t use SecretSwap, you used the bridge.
You should click on the “View Balance” button for “secretETH”.

it says

Fix Viewing Key

Keplr →

Secret Network →

Token List

I can only click on the box and this is what it says


Code ID:




Data Hash:





Source Code:



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I did that, more than once in fact. I have $1.48 in my account after trading over $400 in ETH.

sorry, $1.34, I’m starting to feel 1) I got ripped off or 2) this is an inferior product

From this ETH tx hash, it says you sent 0.2 ETH to secret1z20pxlklp8q88pu2gtrhruhsgu25u5jkza87nk

I inserted the secret address in the box where it asks for that. I did this for both transactions. So what does that mean? I’m just trying to use the product, you tell me.

You sent find to this address secret1z20pxlklp8q88pu2gtrhruhsgu25u5jkza87nk
And not to the address you posted here. Use this account to access your funds.

Yes, I provided the SECRET address for Hotbit becaues I thought I was swapping SECRET coins for ETH like Uniswap or 1inch. In any case, Hotbit also holds sETH on their exchange.

I don’t see any.

Additionally, I did second transaction to the SECRET address om my Kelpr wallet for the second transaction 0.035 ETH and there’s not sETH in there either.