Enigma Community Update: March 13, 2020

March 6 - 13

Hi everyone! I’m excited to continue improving these updates, aiming to facilitate coordination through intentional transparency. Let’s work together and create the best possible Enigma. Sustainable open-source development requires active participation by community members. Keep reading to discover opportunities to contribute and learn how you may benefit.

Highlight: Math Wallet Tutorial


Our current sprint began Tuesday, March 3, and it will end Sunday, March 15. Since launching a testnet with a built-in smart contract module, our dev team has been focused on compiling CosmWasm to SGX. However, it has been more challenging than expected.

CosmWasm uses wasmer.io which is a JIT compiler, but SGX doesn’t support writing machine code to RWX memory and invoking it from there. We are shifting towards adding wasmi as a VM backend in CosmWasm. The wasm interpreter is enclave friendly, but CosmWasm is tightly integrated with Wasmer. Our team is beginning to explore how hard it would be to break that connection.

Thanks to a suggestion from @Simon of the CosmWasm team, we turned on indexing for transactions. Currently waiting on a patch to add min-height and max-height filters to TxSearch. Right now it works for some kinds of indexed events.

Our business team is developing relationships with leaders in the Cosmos ecosystem, while maintaining key partnerships. Now that we are focused on the Enigma blockchain, our goals include retaining our existing community of developers and expanding awareness.

We are deploying smart contracts on the Enigma Testnet to better understand the developer experience of CosmWasm. The plan is to create a public resource that compares writing contracts for the old Discovery testnet vs. the new Enigma blockchain. More specifically, on the product side, we are identifying how to adapt Salad, and we are diving into access control use cases.

Most Referred Topics

SourceCred Experiment

On a weekly basis, I’m running the CredRank algorithm on graphs of Enigma’s forum activity to calculate reputation scores. For now, we are using default weight configurations, but we may adjust parameters in the future. Let us know if these numbers feel accurate! The list below only includes contributors with more than 1 percent of total cred.


Contributor Cred % Total
@guy 800 11.4%
@dbriggsie 443 6.3%
@ainsley 328 4.7%
@tor 300 4.3%
@MrGarbonzo 232 3.3%
@adi 201 2.9%
@can 197 2.8%
@laura 189 2.7%
@Quant 160 2.3%
@pmp 159 2.3%
@moonstash 157 2.2%
@victor 156 2.2%
@taariq 129 1.8%
@guix 126 1.8%
@Avret 124 1.8%
@jlwaugh 112 1.6%
@bmiller59 91 1.3%
@Eve 90 1.3%
@KanaGold 87 1.2%
@Niels 84 1.2%
@Cardiff 77 1.1%
@Brendan 73 1.0%

Community Participation

Enigma Governance Discussion

Next meeting: 2020-03-20T18:00:00Z

All are welcome to highlight any contributions they are making, share ideas, or ask questions. We are happy to provide these updates on a weekly basis, and ideally, the resulting conversations lead to productive collaboration.

Please share any feedback on this thread!

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