Enigma Community Update: April 17, 2020

April 10 - 17

Hi everyone! This is our 7th installment of Enigma’s weekly community updates. Our goal is to be as transparent and collaborative as possible, and we appreciate all your insights and perspectives. Below is a summary of what we have been doing since last Friday. We finished our preceding sprint Sunday, April 12, and here is the project board of the current sprint. Let us know if you have any ideas or questions.

Highlight: Milestone 2 - CosmWasm Inside SGX Without Encryption


Our team is excited to have nearly reached the second milestone on the path to enabling Secret Contracts. We are going to post details on the forum next week. In short: we managed to compile and run an Enigma Blockchain full node with wasmi inside of SGX. All basic functionality for executing CosmWasm contracts in SGX is now implemented and manually tested! We also have sanity tests which are passing in the GitHub CI :tada:

Additionally, we released v0.0.3 for mainnet with better DDoS protection. Here are the fixes from Tendermint for those who are interested. Our bootstrap node was upgraded with Quicksync from Chain of Secrets (thanks to @dbriggsie):

In other news, the CoS team just launched an Enigma blockchain explorer called SecretScan! We are thrilled to see projects like this and the Kamut testnet. It’s awesome how members of the community are coordinating to build trust in the Enigma network, creating opportunities for engagement and growth.

The product and marketing teams have been pushing SafeTrace forward, collaborating with various projects, including Safe Paths, the TCN Coalition and others building contact tracing solutions. Follow our progress in this GitHub project board.

Now that we are getting closer to integrating Secret Contract functionality on mainnet, our team has been focused on creating a walkthrough for developers. Our plan is to adapt their name app tutorial specifically for the Enigma Blockchain developer environment. Learn more and help us with testing:

Ongoing Work:

Here are a few of the things @taariq has been doing as part of this process:

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Community Participation

Enigma Governance Working Group

Next meeting: 2020-04-24T15:00:00Z

In our last weekly call, our community went over some interesting ideas related to the branding of Secret itself (the coin powering Enigma staking and governance) as well as the Enigma protocol. We talked about how to represent denominations of value as well as some visual branding for the coin and protocol. We’ll continue talking about this and other topics this week.

Of course, all of you are welcome to share any thoughts in our weekly calls. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, and Enigma’s core team is grateful for your contributions! Please let us know if you need help submitting a proposal using our on-chain governance module.

Please reply in this thread with any ideas or questions :slight_smile:


Great call and I especially loved talking about “Game of Secrets”!

Also, I’ve created this topic for discussion on our newly-launched Enigma mainnet block explorer:

You can check out the SecretScan here:



Love joining these calls and I’m excited to see the secretdao concept evolve. Secret Foundation is going to be fun!

On the call I talked a bit about :jigsaw: Puzzle which is the software that will power the Secret Foundation. It’s based on a fork of hubble, we plan to customize this in direct collaboration with the community to improve the governance experience for the Enigma mainnet.

You can read more about :jigsaw: here.