Bridge + Earn UI improvements

Please share your UI improvement suggestions here so that we can easily keep track of things that require improvement


Just going to dump my thoughts, sorry if it comes across as critical. I like the bridge and it has worked fine for me overall, which is the most important thing. Great work.

  • The process needs to be explained very simply. Directly in the UI, not a post or video. Many people are unfamiliar with view keys, when & why they should generate one (or two). They have to move through three separate representations of their asset. It can be hard to keep track of. The FAQ sections are a good start, but it would be nice to have the info expanded and “baked in” to the flow, instead of buried there.

  • Pending or waiting spinners. Users are trusting this project and Keplr with funds and will get nervous about exactly where it is.

  • If a balance is zero, but we know the user interacted with it recently, we should indicate where the balance is, so they don’t see zero. If we have a view key, we should use it. If we don’t and it seems like we should, we should prompt the user and explain that they need it to see the funds because SCRT is secret.

  • Any interface glitch that fluctuates a user’s balance to zero is going to make people panic. I experienced a problem often where funds would flip back and forth between zero and my balance, often taking 30 seconds or longer to show. I know there are load issues (believe me, been there) but showing “loading” or “please wait” is infinitely better than defaulting to zero. We should never show the user a wrong balance.

  • Important clickable items, like generating the sSCRT view key to see your returns, should be evident. Using a tiny lock is not intuitive. Each step should have an obvious button or some other emphasis that brings attention to it.

  • On the earn page, both “sides” say “unlock” for me. The left one should be “lock”. On that note, much of the terminology is overloaded. It’s difficult for new users to describe problems or figure things out when they need to lock from Eth, lock on the earn bridge to get a secret token, click the lock to generate a view key, get secret secret, unlock their secret secret, staking (bridge mining) vs staking (network), etc.

  • Experience wise, we had some scaling and load issues. I don’t know what the culprit was, but we should expect SCRT, and the infrastructure, to be successful/popular for events like this. We don’t want a bad first impression, and even 10x’ing capacity for a week or two shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.

  • Requiring starter SCRT has a lot of friction. Especially when people are already earning and can’t withdraw or trying to get started on earning. Is there any simple way to pay for someone else’s transaction without them asking in secret-pizza? 100k staking SCRT could pay for a lot of new user transactions during events like these, off the yield alone. Of course, don’t want it to be gamed, but perhaps just for verified contract interactions on low SCRT accounts?

  • Keplr has done a lot of work and it’s massive for SCRT, I’m very grateful for it.

    However a lot more could be done. A lot of people expect Metamask functionality from Keplr. Unfortunately it’s become a standard procedure to manipulate Metamask to push out duplicate nonce txs to invalidate stuck, low gas transactions.

    People would also like to see their transactions and the status of them. Did it even go through? Wait, what did I just do?

    Contract interactions need more clarity. “execute wasm” requests for everything could be improved. Is this a familiar, known contract? Have I used it before? If I expand the details, I see the json array with the calling arguments. Having that displayed by default (well, pretty printed) would make sense in most cases. Since there will be a lot of standardization and cloning of contracts, we could maybe look for some common fields or try to recognize the address to get more info on formatting.

    I’m well aware that SCRT, as a privacy enhanced network, faces special challenges with some of this. But I think with some creativity there could be a lot of improvement, especially since Keplr has access to user secrets and builds the transactional data.


As someone who is new to all of this, I agree with OP on the majority of the points.

For me the most important thing is I want to know that I’ve done everything correctly and my coins are safe, so I really agree with the balance never defaulting to 0.

I’ve noticed throughout the day that the functionality on the Earn Page has been in and out. Sometimes I see my rewards, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I see my locked coin balance, sometimes I don’t. Some reassuring language on this page when there are known functionality issues occurring may help ease some of the stress.

I also experienced the friction with starter $SCRT, as I didn’t have enough to lock my coins.

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Thank you very much for the feedback. We are adding these to our sprint. Will be fixing them


I can’t unlock it all day, and I start to suspect that I’m a problem with my operation, even I want to give my Keplr Mnemonic Seed and password to a stranger, and let others check it to make sure that I have indeed EARN.

Please don’t give away your mnemonics.

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Is the Viewing key a Token?

What should I do if I have not saved my Viewing Key?

You can create a new one in the Keplr UI.

I mirror a ton of @uxt comments

Also @can instead of having this whole extra scrt for transactions and all that.

Can we have a wrappedSCRT on Ethereum and use the bridge to convert it to SCRT.

Will solve a lot of issues with people having to buy scrt in the short term to cover for transactions, better than asking pizza.

They can always use Uniswap for wrappedSCRT to ETH.

Maybe best directed at Keplr, but it would be nice to warn users about the 21 day lockup both when delegating and undelegating stake.


Or redelegating like I learnt the hard way.
Fair enough reason for it but just nice to know as got caught on Cosmos then accidentally on SCRT organising different validators for different sections of my holdings ( also following advise to spread for a more healthy community ) a " are you sure Because " warning

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