Bridge earn bug


I have transferred RSR to secret RSR (I saw the tx on the tx page), however the earn page still has them listed as available to deposit. It took about 15 tries to get the original tx to go through.

I now don’t know where my tokens are - keplr has them listed as SRSR.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do next?


So I’ve just decided to send them back to my ETH wallet. My SRSR are showing in Keplr but when I go to the bridge page to send secret (snip 20 - SRSR) > eth they don’t show as available. I’m using Brave as a browser - are there known bugs?

are you seeing the same bug in chrome?
we only officially support chrome today :confused:

Hi, I had NaN on my balance in Chrome - it’s now showing in Chrome, but I don’t have enough SCRT to withdraw from the bridge - whats the easiest way to top up?

Binance (it’s too short answer for this forum :slight_smile: )